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SUPERDISKO 09 // Tobias Oliver “Past/Present“ out now!

JUNO LOVERS // Juno Lovers Going Back (Superdisko 08, 2018)

Juno Lovers "Going Back"

Juno Lovers "Going Back"

DATAWELT  // Datawelt Human Technology (Superdisko 05, 2011)


DATAWELT was founded in 2009, the members are Chris Campregher, Patrick Kong and Tobias Oliver. Three guys with the same musical visions and only one mission: composing and producing electro music in its finest way - greatly influenced by the old school styles from Detroit and Germany. In this way, DATAWELT loves to be out of the box, using some vintage and modern analog drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers to create a marvellous electronic dancing sound.

Human Technology from DATAWELT comes out in february 2011 as 12“ vinyl only and storms the electro charts of some record stores in europe.


"A nice tidy little package of electro lush grooves. [...] Anyone remember the ‘Mas 2008′ album from years ago? This has that same deep Elektrolux electro space vibe going on". (

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