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Tobias Oliver Dj Mix for Booth Hub 27.03.2021

© Sandro E.E. Zanzinger

[0024] Tobias Oliver
Booth Hub

[0024] Tobias Oliver

TOBIAS OLIVER is an electronic dance music dj and producer based in Vienna. He takes up deejaying in the mid 90ies in Ravensburg, Germany.

In 2009 he founds his own label Superdisko Recordings and as well the electro band Datawelt together with Patrick Kong and Chris Campregher.

Human Technology from Datawelt comes out in february 2011 as 12“ vinyl only and storms the electro charts of some record stores in europe.

As well in 2011 he opens with his first 12" vinyl single Obsession/Out Of Space. The Obsession Rework by Ken Hayakawa was released on Schönbrunner Perlen 18 in November 2018.

Together with Sophie Geymüller he starts the Juno Lovers project with the Superdisko 08 release in December 2018.

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